Who Is It For?

Connecting professionals within the creative industries

Crew You is simple, efficient and will save you time!

Crew you is an online resource designed to help those working in the creative industries, i.e. film, television, radio, theatre, events and new media.

What does it do?

The website provides a single, convenient point of contact between employers and their freelance workers. It is essentially a big database of skilled professionals, a networking tool and an automated booking system rolled into one. Employers create a company profile, whereas freelancers create a personal profile listing their skills, qualifications, experience and a cover letter.



Streamline your working life

The problem

The whole process of sourcing and managing freelance workers can be pretty inefficient. You might call some of them, email others and then text everyone again before you get a straight answer about who's available for which shifts. It can be time-consuming and frustrating if people don't get back to you, and then you have to repeat the whole process if you need to change any of the job details.

Your best freelancers probably don't work exclusively for you, so there's always the risk that another company will book them first, then what do you do? In times of crew shortages you either have to rely on word of mouth recommendations or source crew from further afield which adds to your costs.

Lightening the load

Crew You allows you to list jobs and send the details to your preferred freelancers, so each person receives the same information and can reply to you directly through the website. You can easily see who's available and then book the freelancers that you want, or post shifts on the public jobs page to find experienced freelancers in your local area.

You can even offer work experience shifts to help nurture new talent, supporting the industry while lowering your costs in these difficult financial times.

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Let the best man (or woman) win

The Challenge

Finding freelance work can be a challenge. You might spend years and thousands of pounds on your education but, increasingly, so did everybody else! How do you get a foot in the door once you've qualified, and how do you find enough work to pay the bills? Even if you're willing to work for free, it's a struggle just to find work experience unless you have contacts in the industry.

You could send out scores of CVs, but most of these will end up in the bin unless the company is short of crew at that exact moment in time. Realistically, your biggest obstacle is the fact that freelance shifts aren't advertised in the same way as permanent jobs. Employers have regular crew members that they trust and will always contact them first.

Levelling the playing field

Crew You users all fill in the same profile details so employers can see who has the skills, experience and potential to do well. We also provide a feedback system, so employers can rate and recommend you when you do a good job.

Your regular employers can contact you directly to offer you shifts, and you can supplement your income from the public jobs board. Whenever an employer books you the job details are added to your synched online calendar, and you'll be notified if the details change. You can even store an emergency contact number and list any medications that you carry, in case of an accident at work.

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