How does Crew You work?

Making the most of the service

Getting started

How to set up your Crew You profile


Our registration process is quick and simple. We just need some basic information from you, including your email address and mobile phone number. You will receive a verification email, just follow the link at the bottom to confirm your email address and start using the website.

Register as an Employer

Register as a Freelancer

Edit your profile

Employers: The registration form gathers your basic company information but we advise that you add more detail to your Crew You profile by clicking 'Edit Profile' at the top of the page.

Freelancers: Your Crew You profile acts as an online CV and cover letter, so you should take the time to fill in your qualifications and experience. After all, this is your opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers! We also advise that you provide an emergency contact number in case you are ever injured at work.

Promote yourself!

What's the point of joining Crew You if nobody knows that you are registered?

Employers: The Promote Yourself tab on your homepage is an easy way to tell your regular freelancers that you would like them to sign up (Crew You is free to use until 2013, so it won't cost them anything to try it out).

Freelancers: You should use the Promote Yourself feature to tell colleagues and employers that you have signed up. They may not have heard about Crew You yet, and more employers means more shifts for you!

Employers: Managing your crew

Who's available and who's booked?

Keeping track of your freelancers

Each job that you create is immediately added to your online calendar. Whenever you view the job details there will be two links at the top of the page, 'Edit Job' and 'Manage Crew'. The Manage Crew link will display the tabs shown below, where you can view the status of your crew.

example of tabs

No Reply: If you sent the job details to your preferred crew members, they will be displayed in this tab until they reply to the availability notification

Unavailable: If your preferred crew members are unable to do the job, they will be displayed in this tab

Available: This tab will display

  1. Any preferred crew members who are available (only if you sent the job details to specific freelancers)
  2. Any freelancers who replied to the job advert on the public jobs page (only if you posted it on the public jobs page)

Note: Select any of the freelancers from this list and click 'book now' to offer them the job

Pending: This tab displays freelancers who have yet to reply to the booking request

Booked: If a freelancer accepts the booking, they will be displayed in this tab (if they decline the booking they will be moved into the unavailable tab)

The public jobs list

Particularly useful in times of crew shortages!

Employers list jobs

Employers may choose to publicly advertise jobs rather than contacting specific freelancers. In this case the job will appear on the public jobs list and any freelancer can apply for it. The employer also has the option of hiding his company details as he may not want his competitors to know which jobs he's working on; freelancers will only be told who the employer is if they receive a booking request, before they commit to the job.

Freelancers find jobs

Freelancers are able to narrow down the list of jobs according to location, the type of skills required and whether the job is paid or unpaid. If a freelancer wants to be considered for a job he should click the "I'm available" button in the job details; the employer will receive an availability notification and the freelancer will appear under the 'Available' tab when he reviews the job details).

And they all live happily ever after!

From this point on the process is the same as if the employer contacted the freelancer to request their availability. The employer may remove the job from the public jobs page at any point by editing the job details and deselecting the 'Post this job publicly' checkbox.

The daily email

A useful summary of your booked crew

Your quick reference summary

The daily email is a brief overview of that day's jobs and booked crew. It includes the name, mobile number, medical information and emergency contact details for each freelancer that you have booked; handy if you're working in an remote location and struggling to access the website!

Easy opt-out

If you don't want to receive a summary of your booked crew you can easily opt out of the service.


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