General FAQ

General information about Crew You

What is Crew You?

Who is it for and how does it work?

Crew You is an online database of skilled professionals from within the creative industries. Registered employers can post shifts and find experienced freelancers within their local area. You can find out more about the service here.

Who are Crew You?

No fat cats here!

Crew you was designed by freelancers, for freelancers. You can find out more about the Crew You team here.

Do you have any job vacancies?

Would you like to work for Crew You?

Not at the moment. Any future employment opportunities will be advertised through the website.

Is my personal information secure?

Information about our security measures

  • The Crew You database is located in a secure data centre, protected by our hosting company using 24/7 physical and software security measures
  • User passwords are stored in the database as secure hashes, so they cannot be decrypted, not even by Crew You staff
  • The only sensitive personal information that we gather is your name / company name, email address, mobile phone number and D.O.B. (freelancers)
  • Your email address is not displayed on Crew You, we simply store it in our database so that we can contact you regarding changes to your account
  • Our privacy options allow you to choose what personal information is displayed on your profile page
  • Only registered members of Crew You will be able to view your profile page
  • We do not ask you for any credit card details as all payments made to Crew You are processed via Paypal

We validate your email address in order to minimise spam accounts, and to discourage users from registering multiple Crew You accounts. We won't disclose your email address to other users, but we may send you emails about your account from time to time.

We will only email you to confirm your registration, to remind you when your subscription is due for renewal and to inform you of any updates or scheduled periods of site maintenance. We will only contact you via text message to confirm your mobile phone number if you choose to validate it..

Crew You won't send you spam texts or emails, and we will never sell your contact details on to a third party.

How do I contact Crew You?

We love feedback so get in touch!

You can contact us here and we aim to respond to all enquiries within 48hours (excluding public holidays). We love feedback so please let us know if you like the Crew You service or have any thoughts on how we can improve it.

If you want to find work on Crew You please register as a freelancer. If you want to hire staff through Crew You please register as an employer. If you want to do both you will need separate freelancer and employer accounts, but please note that each email address and mobile phone number can only be registered once. Therefore, you must provide different contact details for each Crew You account.

You must be at least 16 years old to register on Crew You.

Can I delete my Crew You account?

We'll be very sorry to lose you

You can cancel your membership at any time and other users will no longer be able to find you on the website. Your details will remain in the Crew You database in case you ever choose to reactivate the account, but we won't contact you again.

Simply click the Login button on the homepage and follow the instructions in the 'Reactivate Account' tab.

Do you have Crew You Apps?

Crew You on the move

Not yet, but we're working on them. In the meantime Crew You should be optimised for your portable devices, so you can still access the site on the move. Please contact us if you have difficulties.


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