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Why should I join Crew You?

What's in it for me....

No more CVs! Let's face it, your CV will probably end up in the bin if an employer hasn't requested it, so why waste trees sending hundreds out? All your CV and cover letter information is displayed on your Crew You profile so why not direct any potential employers there instead. Employers can book you privately, or you can apply for additional work on the public jobs page, including voluntary/work experience shifts. All booked jobs are stored in your online calendar and you can contact your employers through the website if you have any issues or problems.

No, but please consider whether you should be as you could incur a penalty from HMRC! You may find this online resource useful.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Less than you might expect!

Crew You is free to use until the end of the trial period. Freelancers will then be charged a £10 annual subscription fee (for more information, please visit our payment information page).

Which payment methods do you accept?

We like to keep things simple

All payments to Crew You must be made via Paypal. Please visit our payment information page for more information.

Our free, introductory trial period will end in early 2015. After this time all new users will be offered a two week free trial to decide if they like the service.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

All good things must come to an end

Freelancers have the option to pay a £10 annual subscription fee and continue their Crew You membership. There is no obligation to subscribe, but your account will be downgraded if you choose not to.

What happens if I don't renew my subscription?

You can still access your account but...

Your account will be downgraded if your subscription lapses, or if you choose not to subscribe after the free trial period. In this case you will still have access to your calendar, allowing you to view booked jobs and to contact employers regarding them. However, employers will not be able to book you for any other jobs and you will not have access to the public jobs page. In addition, other users will not be able to view your profile or contact you through the website.

Can I cancel my Crew You account?

We'll be very sorry to lose you

You may cancel your account at any time, and your profile will no longer be visible on Crew You (except to employers who have booked your for future jobs). We will not contact you again, but your account details will remain on the Crew You database and you can reactivate it at any time. We advise you not to cancel your account if you have upcoming jobs booked through Crew You.

Subscription fees are non refundable, as stated in the Crew You Terms and Conditions.

We will send you an email to confirm that your account has been cancelled. You can click the account reactivation link at the bottom of this email, or use the reactivate account option in the login menu.

Why is my profession not listed?

We didn't mean to forget you!

Please contact us if you feel that your job role is not correctly represented on the website.

How do I edit my profile?

It pays to keep your details up to date

Go to your profile and click the 'Edit Profile' link at the top of the page. We advise that you use your profile to sell yourself to potential employers, so please fill in all the details and spend time writing your cover letter.

Contact us if you have changed your name since registration. If you have entered the wrong date of birth you are a numpty, but we can still update it for you!

What is the medical info section for?

We value your safety at work

Accidents do happen, so please provide an emergency contact (ICE) number. If you have a medical condition or carry emergency medication you may also choose to disclose this information; this is an entirely voluntary option, designed to aid paramedics and first aid crew in emergency situations. Personal medical information and ICE numbers will never be displayed on your Crew You profile, only your employers will see them when they book you for a job.

How do I find work on Crew You?

Bringing home the bacon

Make sure that your regular employers know you're using Crew You, and keep your profile information up to date. Employers can contact you directly to request your availability and book you for shifts. Alternatively, they may post freelance shifts on the public jobs page and you are welcome to apply for these.

Go to your homepage and select the "Promote Yourself" tab. Here you have the option to email others and tell them that you are available for work via Crew You. Your regular employers can then add you to their preferred crew list and contact you directly when they need crew.

How do I view my booked jobs?

Your personal jobs calendar

Whenever an employer books you through Crew You the shift will be added to your personal calendar (accessed via your homepage). Simply go to the date of the shift and click on the job title to review the job details.

You will receive a notification whenever an employer edits one of your shifts. This notification will prompt you to review the job details and you may choose to message the employer in response to the changes. It is your responsibility to review any changes when prompted, and to inform the employer if you can no longer do the job.

What if I need to cancel a shift?

Don't leave your employers in the lurch

You must contact the employer immediately so that they can find alternative crew members. Firstly, locate the job in your calendar and click on the job title (this will display the job details). You should then click the "Cancel Shift" button and provide an explanation to the employer. Your employer will then receive a notification that prompts him to source alternative crew. We advise that you also text the employer as an additional courtesy, particularly if the shift is imminent.

I'm available, why have I not been booked?

Don't build me up, buttercup!

An availability request from your employer does not guarantee an offer of work. Employers are free to book any freelancer who is available, and may send availability requests to several different freelancers before making a decision about who to hire.

Employers are free to book anyone they choose and will select freelancers based on their qualifications and experience. Therefore, we advise freelancers to keep their profile details up to date and to inform their regular employers when they join Crew You.

We offer a free trial period so that users can decide whether they like the service. You may choose to delete your account at any point, but our annual subscription fees are non-refundable, as stated in the Crew You Terms and Conditions.

We are an introduction service, not an employment agency. Therefore employers cannot pay their freelancers via Crew You. Please invoice your employer in the usual manner upon completion of the job (you may wish to include the Crew You job reference on your invoice).

What if an employer fails to pay me?

You should consult your lawyer

Crew you does not guarantee payment for shifts booked through the website; if an employer fails to pay you for your time you should seek independent legal advice. We do not provide a mediation service, but you may report the employer for poor user conduct here.

Crew You cannot not guarantee that employers will post accurate information in the job details. We advise that you consult the employer's feedback rating and make enquiries from other freelancers before committing to a shift with a new employer. If you are uncomfortable with the working conditions or feel that an employer has deliberately mislead you, you may choose to leave the job and report the employer for poor user conduct here.

What if I am injured on a job?

Deal directly with your employer

Crew You cannot guarantee and is not responsible for your safety at work, as specified in our Terms and Conditions. It is a legal requirement that all employers have adequate Employers' Liability Insurance. Therefore, you should claim compensation directly from your employer if you are injured at work. Please keep your emergency contact and medical information up to date so that medical staff can treat you as quickly as possible (click the medical information tab under edit profile on your profile page).

If you don't have your own Public Liability Insurance (PLI) you should confirm whether your actions will be covered by your employer's PLI policy. We advise that you only begin work on a job if you are have your own PLI, or are covered by your employer's PLI policy. Otherwise you may be held financially responsible if you injure a member of the public or damage property while at work.


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