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Crew You provides a single point of contact between you and your freelance workers. The whole process of sourcing crew, passing on job details and managing your freelance workers becomes more efficient, and you shouldn't have to worry about crew shortages again. You can offer jobs to your regular freelancers and find new, skilled workers in your local area.

How much does it cost to use Crew You?

Not as much as you might expect!

Crew You is free to use until the end of the trial period. Employers may then purchase bundles of 100 job 'credits', and will be charged one credit for each job that they post. For more information, please visit our payment information page.

Our free, introductory trial period will end in early 2015. After this time all new users will be offered a two week free trial to decide if they like the service. During the free trial you will have unlimited job credits and can post as many jobs as you like.

What happens after the free trial period?

All good things must come to an end

When the free trial period ends you will have no job credits on your account. There is no obligation to purchase more credits but you will be unable to search for freelancers or post jobs on the website without them. However, you will still have access to your calendar, allowing you to view confirmed jobs and to contact freelancers regarding them.

Your remaining job credits are displayed on your homepage, under the "Job Credits" tab. Click the link on this page if you want to purchase additional credits. All payments to Crew You must be made via Paypal, please visit our payment information page for more information.

Will my job credits expire?

Yes, but you'll have plenty of time to use them

Job credits are valid for one year from the date of purchase, and we will send you a reminder when they are due to expire. You can view your remaining credits and their expiration date by clicking the 'Job Credits' tab on your home page.

Can I cancel my Crew You account?

We'll be very sorry to lose you

You may cancel your account at any time and your company profile will no longer be visible on Crew You (except to any freelancers that you have booked for future jobs). We will not contact you again, but your account will remain on the Crew You database and you can reactivate it at any time. We would advise you not to cancel your account if you still have jobs listed on the Crew You database.

We offer a free trial period so that employers can decide whether they like the service and are able to find suitable crew. Job credits are non-refundable, as stated in the Crew You Terms and Conditions.

You can rejoin Crew You at any time; simply click the reactivation link at the bottom of your account cancellation email, or use the reactivate account option in the login menu.

What if my freelancer hasn't subscribed?

It won't affect any booked jobs

His account will be downgraded, but this will not affect jobs that you have already confirmed. The freelancer will still have access to his calendar allowing him to view the job details, and you may still contact each other regarding booked shifts. However, you won't be able to book him for any future shifts until he renews his subscription.

What if my freelancer deletes his account?

Users are free to cancel their account at any time

We advise freelancers not to delete their accounts until they have completed any booked shifts. You will be notified if one of your booked freelancers cancelled his account, and we advise that you try to contact him out with the website; the freelancer may still be available to work, but you may prefer to cancel him and book someone else instead.

Crew You is an introduction service, not an employment agency. Freelancers should still invoice you in the usual manner after completion of the job (you may suggest that they quote the Crew You job reference on their invoice).

We hope that you will find experienced freelancers on Crew You, but we cannot guarantee it. We advise that you encourage your regular freelancers to sign up and then add them to your preferred crew list; you can then contact them directly regarding jobs and find additional crew members via the public jobs page.

We offer a free trial period so that employers can decide whether they like the service and are able to find suitable crew. Any job credits that you purchase are non-refundable, as stated in the Crew You Terms and Conditions.

How do I add people to my preferred crew list?

All your favourite people in one place

Use the search function to navigate to the freelancer's profile page, then click the 'Add to Crew' button. The freelancer should now appear under the 'My Crew' tab on your homepage and you may contact them directly when posting jobs.

We cannot vouch for any member of the site and we don't check the accuracy of information posted on a user's profile, so you may wish to contact other employers for their opinions. Employers are given the opportunity to rate freelancers after each job and we hope that this feedback system will help you to choose reliable crew members.

What if a freelancer lets me down?

We hope that this will never happen

Crew You cannot guarantee that freelancers will turn up for their booked shifts. If a freelancer fails to turn up for work, is late, has lied about their skills and experience or lets you down for any other reason you may report the issue to us here.

How can I view / edit my upcoming jobs?

Through your personal calendar

Any job that you post on Crew You will be added to your online calendar; go to your homepage and select the Calendar tab, then navigate to the date of your job. If you click on the job reference you will be taken to the Edit Job page, where you can make changes to the job (click the 'edit job' link). You can also contact additional freelancers and cancel booked freelancers via the 'manage crew' link .

Go to your homepage and click the calendar tab, then navigate to the date of your job and click on the job title. This will open up the Job Details page and you can view your booked freelancers through the 'manage crew' link.

Each freelancer's mobile number is visible when you view their profile. We also provide an internal messaging service so that you can contact each other about upcoming jobs

What happens if I edit a job?

We'll keep your booked freelancers updated

When you edit a job, all your booked freelancers will receive a notification advising them that the job details have changed. If the changes are significant you may choose to send them a message to confirm that they are still able to do the job.

How do I cancel a job?

Through the Edit Job page

Select the job in your Crew You calendar and then click the 'edit job' link. There is a 'Cancel Job' option in the left hand column which allows you to delete the job from the database. You must provide a reason for cancelling the job, and your booked freelancers will be sent a job cancellation notification.

When you create a job you can choose whether to contact specific freelancers, post the job publicly, or to do both. If you only contact freelancers from your preferred crew list then the job will not appear on the main jobs page.

Can I remove a job from the public job page?

Yes, through the Edit Job page

You may wish to remove a job from the public jobs page once you have found suitable freelancers. To do this, go to your homepage and click the calendar tab, then navigate to the date of your job and click on the job title. This will open up the Job Details page and you should select 'Who to invite' from the side menu. Now simply deselect the checkbox for "list this job publicly" and click save; your job will no longer be visible on the public jobs page, simples!

All UK employers registered on Crew You must have adequate Employer's Liability Insurance, visit this link for further information. If you want to book unpaid / voluntary workers then you must ensure that your Employer's Liability Insurance covers them too.

If you want to hire freelancers for work experience / voluntary shifts then you must ensure that your Employer's Liability Insurance covers unpaid workers.

We advise that you purchase adequate Public Liability Insurance for your business. Please also tell your freelance workers if they are not covered by your Public Liability Insurance policy, and whether they must have their own Public Liability Insurance in order to work for you.

What if my freelancer causes damage or injury?

That's what Public Liability Insurance is for

Crew you is not liable for damage or injury caused by freelancer workers booked through the website. Therefore, you should ensure that crew members are covered by your Public Liability Insurance policy or have their own Public Liability Insurance in place.


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