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Who are Crew You and what do we do?

Who are we?

Crew You was made by freelancers, for freelancers. We know how hard it is to find work in the creative industries and how frustrating it can be to miss out on a job because you weren't on an employer's radar. Here's a little bit about the team...

Pauline Johnson

Pauline Johnson

Director and freelancer

Crew You brings employers and freelancers together in a more efficient way.

Problem Solving

Crew you is an online resource designed to bring employers and freelancers together in a more efficient way. Similar websites do exist, but they aren't really suitable for sourcing technicians within the creative industries. We decided to build something interactive, more bespoke and easy to integrate into your working life.

Fingers Crossed

Crew You is a business tool for employers, saving them time and allowing them to manage their freelance staff more efficiently. Truthfully though, I developed the idea with freelancers in mind; it can be really difficult to get a foot in the door and it's so hard to stay motivated when you don't have enough work because you weren't in the right place at the right time.

Perhaps this website will level the playing field a little, particularly if more shifts are openly advertised? Crew You can be a networking tool, a recruitment site or simply a convenient way to keep in touch. I'm keen to see if people like it and hope that they will use the site to its full potential.

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David Johnson

David Johnson

Designer & front-end web developer

I've wanted to be involved in a project like this for a long time. Working with the other guys has been a real treat.

Ticking the Right Boxes

For me, this project has always been about simplicity. Crew You offers a simple solution to what was previously a tedious and time consuming task.

Special Powers

I take care of the creative side of Crew You... You know, all the pretty pictures and colours. I'm also responsible for the interface design, site architecture and front end coding. I make sure all the pixels look smart and behave, no matter what device you're using. Hopefully my work will make you smile :)

This project is far from complete, we're just scratching the surface. We are a very open and friendly team so don't be afraid to get in touch and let us know where you think this service could be improved.

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Alan Hunter

Alan Hunter

Web Developer

We all want to make life easier, so let Crew You help.


I'm a great beleiver in using technology to make things better. Upon learning of the difficulties faced by freelancers and employers in the creative industies, I knew my technical skill set would be useful in helping solve this problem.

My Role

I take the output of David's special powers and plug it all in behind the scenes. I create and maintain the underlying architecture and database to provide you with a dynamic, interactive experience.

Looking Ahead

We are more than happy to review feedback and suggestions on what we can do to improve your Crew You experience. Drop us a line any time.

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